Best Lipstick Colour For Small Lips

Best Lipstick Colour For Small Lips

Many women with thin lips do not feel okay with them. They try all they can to make their lips look fuller but not many products in the market help with that. It does not help that they look at celebrities like Angelina Jolie and wish a miracle would happen for then to get at least half the fullness of her lips. Thin lips can lead to low self-esteem and the need to want to be alone. However if you have thin helps, you do not have to hide them.

You can turn your lips from looking thin and not presentable to a pouty sexy look by using the right kind of lipstick colors. The makeup market has many different kinds of lipstick colors and choosing the right color for thin lips does not come that easy. You have to know your lips well and know the color that can fill them up. You have to make sure you get colors that do not draw too much attention to the shape and thinness of your lips. Let people see the color and not the lips. In this article, we look at some of the best lipstick colors that turn your lips to an instant improved looking shape.

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Lipstick colors for small lips

NYX Pin-Up Pout Lipstick in Flashy

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Many people with thin lips want a color that will not make them feel weird but make their lips look good. Below are some of the best colors to wear.

Product – NYX Pin-Up Pout Lipstick in Flashy

NYX never disappoints when it comes to makeup. The ranges of their makeups cater for every kind of person and for different skin tones. The company did not forget women with thin lips and one of their bestselling lip color is NYX Pin-Up Pout Lipstick. As the name suggests, the lipstick makes your lips pout. It turns your lips from thin to full body with just one swipe.


The above lipstick is a very comfortable wear and has a wonderful texture. It is a lightweight lipstick and it almost feels like a balm after application. It is consistent and does not produce nay patches after application.


The lipstick comes in different shades. All the shades are great for thin lips and they instantly change the look of the lips after application. Some of the best shades are;

  • Silk- Peach

This is a vibrant beautiful color with a bit of a peachy look and does not well with many people. but if you have thin lips, it will definitely bring out the best in them

  • Pink corset

Pink is another great color for people with thin lips and the mauve dusty rose undertone of the lipstick gives the lips certain fullness. The color looks nude on application and nude goes very with thin lips.

  • Sophisticated brown peach

Brown peach is a slightly darker lipstick but with a nude look and great for thin lips. It gives the lips an instant fill.

  • Boundless-pinky peach

This is also another bright color lipstick that adds body to the lips. Compared to other shades, it a bit peppy

  • Almost famous- mauve/pink/purple

If you have thin lips and a dark skin tone, then you should choose this lipstick because it complements the skin tone well. It comes in mauve purple and pink and it is a very wearable shade.

  • Opinionated-bubblegum pink

Bubblegum-pink is another beautiful color that instantly changes the look of your lips. This lipstick also has a great formula that keeps your lips well moisturized all day long.

  • Cocktail hour- wine color

The wine coloured lipstick is also another great wear for people with thin lips. For best results, you should pair this one with a lip pencil

  • Resistance- plum/toned brown

Brown is a beautiful color that probably takes you back to the 90’s. The color will definitely make your lips look bigger and fuller than they are

  • Savage-deep chocolate

Deep chocolate color is very enticing and wearing this makes your lips put and look very noticeable.

Lipstick tips on how to get full lips

Even with the above shades, you still have to follow a certain routine in order to add plump to your lips. Follow the following guideline for a pouty look

  • Do not rush into preparing your lips

Take as much time as you can to ready your lips. Things you can do to prepare your lips are exfoliation, keep them hydrated and do a bit of priming before you apply your lipstick.

  • Put on a lip liner

A lip liner will automatically increase your lip size

  • Choose your lipstick shade carefully

The best colors for thin lips from the product above are nudes, pinks, reds, chocolates, mauve purple and mauve brown. These colors make the lips look fuller without attracting too much attention the lip area. When you are choosing the colors, make sure they are bright but not too bright. Choose the finish carefully to compliment your shade. The best finish is shimmery or metallic.

  • Apply a lip-gloss

Apply a neutral lipgloss to give your lips a natural full look.

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Wrapping it up

With the above lip colors, you do not have to worry about walking around with thin lips. You can smile, pout and laugh as loudly as the next person laughs because you will look just like the next person with fuller lips. Always take your time to choose wisely and make sure your lips are well exfoliated before lipstick application. For more tips on makeup, read our previous articles.

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